Weaponising shopping carts

You know about Denial of Service attacks—malicious actors flooding websites, emails or apps belonging to businesses or institutions using massive volumes of fake visits. Real customers and users are denied service as a result.   DoS attacks, and their scarier cousin, Distributed DoS attacks are threats most large digital businesses have to learn to withstand … Read more Weaponising shopping carts

Buy from China? No way. Sell to China? No problem

In light of the worst border clash between India and China in decades, it’s hardly surprising to see a virulent anti-China stance by the Indian government, businesses, and citizens. Sajjan Jindal, chairman and managing director of JSW Steel, one of India’s largest steelmakers, had this to say to The Economic Times:  The steel industry’s 100% … Read more Buy from China? No way. Sell to China? No problem

The domino effect of cancelled exams

Unprecedented times call for drastic measures. This week, India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) took a crucial decision—it chopped off 30% of the syllabus for grades nine through 12.   This doesn’t come as a total surprise. Online classes can’t be as efficient as physical ones, and Indian schools have a unique talent for … Read more The domino effect of cancelled exams